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John "Jack" H. McGinnis

(09/13/1870 - 12/02/1925)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/10/1925



Decedent Succumbs to Cancer of the Stomach Following Illness of About One Month

Less than six months after his twin brother was laid away, Jack McGinnis followed him to the grave.

Last July, William McGinnis of Casper was laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery and Friday of last week his twin brother, Jack McGinnis, was laid beside him.

The deceased was born in Omaha, Nebr., 56 years ago but when a small child moved with his parents to Wyoming and spent practically all his life near Lusk. For the past six years he had been working for the Continental Oil company at Midwest. About a month ago he began to feel miserable and died of cancer of the stomach in a Casper hospital, Wednesday, December 2, 1925.

The remains were brought down to Lusk Thursday evening by the widow and his brother, Charley McGinnis, who had gone up to be at his bedside, and Adolph Winter.

Funeral services were held from the Catholic church Friday afternoon.

Jack McGinnis was known to all the old-timers of this part of the state who sincerely regret the passing on of one who was still in the prime of life.

There are left to mourn him, his widow, one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Snow of Long Beach, Calif.; one brother, Charley McGinnis of Lusk and two nephews, Henry McGinnis of Lusk and Thomas McGinnis of Long Beach, Calif.

The Lusk Herald
60 years ago - Dec. 10, 1925

Less than six months after his twin brother was laid away, Jack McGinnis followed him to the grave. Last July, William McGinnis of Casper was laid to rest in the Lusk Cemetery and Friday of last week, Jack McGinnis was laid beside him. McGinnis, 56, was born in Omaha, but spent most of his life in Lusk. He died of stomach cancer.

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