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Donald K. Fullerton

(11/30/1905 - 06/03/1920)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 06/10/1920


Body Mangled by Disc Dressed and Laid Out by Elder Brothers When Assistance Arrived

The saddest and most awesome tragedy experienced by the communities of Keeline and Jireh occurred on the D. Powell farm northwest of Jireh last Thursday afternoon, when Donald, the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Fullerton was killed by being dragged under a disc in a runaway.

It is understood that the three Fullerton brothers had gone to the field, two of them taking a drill and the ill-fated boy taking the disc. Donald wore a raincoat which it is believed is responsible for the accident, the team becoming frightened, running wild across the prairie.

Donald was thrown off in front of the disc before the team had more than started, and the body was tangled and mangled with the disc until the team had run for almost a mile. The two brothers ran for the scene and when they overtook the frightened horses the body of their brother was found dead.

The body was badly bruised about the abdomen and the right thigh was practically severed. It was a sad occurrence for the two brothers, but they bravely grasped the graveness of the situation and placed the body in a car and removed it to the house where they called assistance, H. Elmer Seward of the First National Bank of this city rushing to the scene as quickly as possible. Upon his arrival he found that the boys had cleansed the wounds and had the body laid out in nice condition.

Donald was the third son of Mr. and Mrs. Fullerton, and was about 14 years of age. Funeral services for the unfortunate boy was held at the home and the remains were laid to rest in the Jireh cemetery.

It was only the week before that when an infant of about seven days was buried by this family, and as an added shock came the unexpected death of this boy of such tender years.

The unmeasured sympathy of big western hearts goes out to the stricken family in their grief. Words of condolence only can be offered to help them reconcile themselves to the works of the Almighty hand.

This was first published in the Manville News

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