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Nina Marie Olds

(01/16/1897 - 05/08/1922)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 05/12/1922


Nina Marie Harvey was born January 16, 1897 at Tilden, Nebr., and died at the home of her parents in Node, Wyo., May 8, 1922, being 25 years, three months and 22 days old. She was married to Ray V. Olds on September 9, 1916. Three children were born to this union, two having proceded her to the great beyond. Jack George, age two and one-half years, survives. Besides her little son, she leaves to mourn her loss her husband, father, and mother, two brothers and three sisters: Frank W. Harvey of Tacoma, Wash., HanFord H. Harvey of Oregon City, Ore., Mrs. Walter Church, Sargents Bluffs, Ia., Mrs. Lew Lynn, Lusk, Wyo.; and Miss Wilmas Harvey of Node, Wyo.

The funeral service at the Node Congregational church, Wednesday afternoon, May 10th, was conducted by Rev. Thomas Gordon of Van Tassell. The Lusk Congregational choir rendered some beautiful selections. The church was crowded with friends who deeply mourn the loss of a loved member of the community.

Mourn not the dead
Who calmly lie,
By God's own hand, composed to rest,
For hark! A voice from yonder sky
Proclaims them blest - supremely blest
With them the toil and strife are o'er,
their labors end, their sorrows cease;
For they have gained the blessful shore
Where dwells serene, eternal peace.

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Gravestone, in Node Cemetery, courtesy of Jimmy and Carmen Shane

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