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John T. Zimmerman

(11/29/1906 - 01/10/1964)
Courtesy of The Harrison Sun, 01/23/1964

John Zimmerman, former Resident Here, Dies in Omaha

John T. Zimmerman, 57, a former Harrison resident, died at his home in Omaha January 10 of a heart condition.

Funeral services were held January 13 from the Crosby Kunald Funeral Home in Omaha with burial at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Omaha.

John T. Zimmerman was born November 29, 1906 at the family ranch north of Harrison the son of Irven S. and Mabel Thayer Zimmerman. He was graduated from Sioux County High School in 1924 and moved to Omaha in 1925 where he has resided until his death. In 1927 he married Helen M. Lundquist. He was a member of the Benson Baptist Church of Omaha.

He is survived by his wife; three daughters, Mrs. Joy Ann Oberg, Mrs. Betty Lou Walsh and Kathy Sue Zimmerman all of Omaha; three sisters, Mrs. Lillie Grapes of Denver, Mrs. Margaret Kipp of Santa Ana, Calif. and Mrs. Clara Haworth of Lusk; two brothers, Lawrence of Lusk and Charlie of Reedport, Ore., one step-brother Myron Kjose of Bend, Ore., and 6 grandchildren.

Mrs. Lillie Grapes of Denver, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haworth of Lusk, Mrs. Margret Kipp of Santa Ana, Calif., Gilbert Kipp of Oklahoma City and Mrs. Helen Zimmerman of Carroll, Iowa attended the funeral.

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