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Glen Allan Cox

(11/12/1937 - 01/20/1962)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 01/25/1962

Glen Cox, 24, Dies Here Sat.

Glen A. Cox, 24, died in the Niobrara Memorial Hospital Saturday evening of complications of a kidney disease. He had been ill about three months.

Funeral services were held at the Peet Chapel at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday with Mr. Orvel Prather in charge. Scripture was read by the Rev. Frank Bozart. Mrs. Ramie Fosher, Mrs. Hobart Cockreham, Al Davenport and Dave Wood sang "Beautiful Isle" and Beyond the Sunset," with Mrs. Lyle Eddy as organist. Pallbearers were: Richard Reed and Jerry Spaulding of Casper, Lyle Eddy, Dewey Baars, Ramie Fosher and Dean Fosher. Military honors were conferred at the graveside. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Glen Allan Cox, son of Clifford and Vera Kintigh Cox was born in Lusk November 12, 1937. As a lad, Glen became a Boy Scout, advancing to the rank of Explorer. He attended the Lusk schools, graduating from NCHS in 1956. He attended Chadron State Teachers College one year before enlisting in the U. S. Air Force.

He served as a radio technician for a time but most of his service was as a courier in the Security Service. In this capacity he traveled to every country in the world with the exception of South Africa. His missions took him to both Russia and Red China, but as he was sworn to secrecy the full details of his highly confidential work will never be known.

Following his release from the Air Force he was employed for a short time in Casper before returning to Lusk to work as a television repairman at the Coast to Coast Store. He united with the Church of Christ July 19, 1952. Survivors include his parents, his grandmother, Mrs. Jessie A. Cox of Midwest, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

Out-of-town relatives attending the services were: Mrs. and Mrs. D. B. Cox, Grass Creek, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brown, Cody; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cox, Karen and Carol, Casper; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ross and Martha, Midwest; Mrs. Fred Schrader, Faith S. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Coleman, Douglas; Mr. and Mrs. Ferrill Parmely, Leonard Parmely, Wayne Parmely, Mrs. Roger Dean, Mrs. Gene Swaney, Mr. and Mrs. James Parmely, Donald Parmely and Keith, Mr. and Mrs. Merlyn Parmely, Mrs. March Johnson, Miller, S. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Everett Parmely, Harrison; Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Engel, Rapid City; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Couch and Ronda, Orel, S. Dak.

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