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William "Billy" Jacob Mill

(09/28/1897 - 02/02/1973)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/08/1973

William Mill Dies, Service Here Monday

Funeral service was held Monday at the Peet Chapel at 2:00 pm. for William J. Mill, 75, who died at the Loveland Memorial Hospital, Loveland, Colo., February 2.

The Rev. Stanley Ver Straten of St. George's Episcopal Church, Lusk, conducted the service with organ music played by Mrs. Edna DeCastro

Pallbearers were Bill Mill, Jake Reed, Pete Hansen, Ed Strube, Edmond Cook Jr., and Bill Hemingway. Burial was in the Lusk Cemetery.

William Jacob "Billy" or "Bill" Mill was born at Hat Creek September 28, 1897, to Philopena Kappelmann and Jacob Mill. He lived on his father's ranch until 1931 when he went to work for S. W. Boyd at the Chevrolet Agency in Lusk.

August 2, 1930, Mr. Mill and Dorothy Gould of Chicago, Ill. were married in Lusk where they lived until 1945.

In the fall of 1945 William Mill and George Mill purchased the Silver Tip Refinery at Yoder. Two years later George Mill relinquished his interest and William Mill continued to operate the business until October 1952 when the family moved to Torrington. Mr. Mill operated a service station in Torrington until 1956 when he and Mrs. Mill and a daughter moved to San Diego, Calif. residing there for three years

Mr. and Mrs. Mill returned to Wyoming September 1959 taking up residence in Casper where they remained until July 1972. They moved to Loveland, Colo. where Mr. Mill died after an illness of two weeks.

Mr. Mill was a member of the Torrington Elks Lodge and treasured this association.

Survivors include his wife and children Barbara Jean Christensen, William Gould Mill and Patricia Renee Wood and nine grandchildren all living in Colorado and two sisters, Mrs. Bertha Boyd and Christina Strube, Lusk, one brother, George Mill of Hat Creek and four nieces and nephews.

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