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Sylvia May Parmely

(01/24/1890 - 05/25/1960)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/02/1960

Services for Mrs. Claude Parmely Held Saturday

Mrs. Claude Parmely, 70, resident of Niobrara County for 34 years, died at the Spencer Hospital last Wednesday.

Funeral services were held at the Peet Mortuary, Saturday, at 3:30 p.m., with the Rev. Roger Koen, pastor of the First Baptist Church officiating. Music was provided by Mrs. A. F. DeCastro, Mrs. Emerson Bonner, Harry Lyon and Dr. Richard Collins, who sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer" and "Just a Closer Walk With Thee." Mrs. J. P. Watson was organist. The pallbearers were: Everett Parmely, Glen Parmely, Clifford Parmely, sons; Alvin Parmely, grandson, and Lewis Tschacher and James McAllister, sons-in-law. Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery.

Sylvia May Parmely was born in Elkhart County, Iowa, January 24, 1890. In 1906 she moved with her parents to Jerauld County, South Dakota. She became a member of Friends Church in 1910 while living in South Dakota. February 23, 1908, she married Claude Parmely and they were the parents of six children. The family moved to a farm north of Keeline in 1926 and lived there for five years and in the fall of 1932 moved to Lusk where she has since made her home.

Surviving are her husband and the six children: Harriet Smith, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Everett Parmely, Harrison; Della McAllister, Manville; Clifford Parmely, Manville; Glen Parmely, Hat Creek; Mrs. Lewis Tschacher, Manville. There are also 12 grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren, and two sisters, Ida Titus of Douglas and Pearl Linn of Wessington Springs, South Dakota.

Here for the services were Mrs. Smith of Idaho Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Parmely and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pebbles of Casper; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stephenson, Laramie; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Titus, Monte Vista, Colo.; Mrs. Ellman Dilts, Arapahoe, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mays and family and Mrs. Ida Titus of Douglas; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Linn, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Linn, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Linn, Mr. and Mrs. Gerloff Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Rogers and Donald Dwyer, Wessington Springs, South Dakota; Mr. and Mrs. August Kohrman, Gering, Neb..

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