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Earl Richard Seegrist

(12/10/1914 - 03/28/1955)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/07/1955

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Earl Richard Seegrist, son of Leonard and Emma Seegrist, was born at Whitney, Nebraska on December 10, 1914. He was baptized in the Methodist Church at Whitney, Nebraska.

When still a boy he moved with his parents to Van Tassell. He attended school at the Lewis School near his home. Later he attended high school at Van Tassell. He was united in marriage to Alleine Hammond May 22, 1937. They had one child, Roger.

Until his accident December 28, 1954, he was engaged in ranching on his ranch south of Van Tassell. Earl put up a brave and courageous fight during his stay at the hospital, never complaining once although he was in terrible pain all of the time.

He passed away at the Spencer Hospital March 28 at 1:00 p.m. Survivors include his wife, Alleine, his son, Roger; his mother, Emma Seegrist of Lusk; three brothers; Amiel of Pocatello, Idaho, Elwin of Hot Springs, South Dakota, and Kenneth of Los Angeles, California, and also many aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews. His father, Leonard Seegrist, preceded him in death last October.

He was 43 at the time of his death.

Thon book No. 7
Earl R. Seegrist Passes Away Monday At Spencer Hospital; Was Victim of Explosion; Last Rites This Afternoon

Death claimed Earl R. Seegrist at 1:00 p.m., Monday March 28th, at the Spencer Hospital where he had been confined for the past three months for treatment of injuries received in an explosion of an oil-burning water heater, which occurred at 10:00.a.m., Monday, December 28th, 1954 at his ranch south of Van Tassell. Burns received in the explosion covered fifty percent of the deceased's body.

Concluding rites were held at 2:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon, March 31st. from the chapel of the Peet Funeral Home with Rev. F. S. Doctor, pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Church officiating. The services were enriched with the singing of three selections, "The Old Rugged Cross", "In the Garden," and "Beckoning Hands," by Mesdames Emerson Bonner and Ab DeCastro, with Mrs. J. P. Watson presiding at the organ.

Interment was made in the Lusk cemetery with Verne Torrance, Ed Baldwin, Otto York, Bert Peterson, Clarence West, and Lawrence Adams, all of the Van Tassell community, and friends and neighbors of the deceased, served as casketbearers.

Earl Richard Seegrist, a son of Leonard and Emma Seegrist , was born at Whitney, Nebr. December 10, 1914, and at the age of 40 years, three months, and 18 days departed trhis life on Monday, March 28th, 1955 in the Spencer hospital in Lusk, Wyoming. He was baptized in the Methodist Church of Whitney, Nebraska.

When still a boy, he moved with his parents to Van Tassell, Wyoming. He received his elementary education at the Lewis school near his home. Later he attended high school at Van Tassell.

On May 22, 1937 he was united in marriage to Miss Alleine Hammond. To this union one child, Roger, was born.

Until his accident on December 28th of last year he was engaged in ranching on the couple's ranch south of Van Tassell. Earl put up a brave and courageous fight during his stay at the hospital, never complaining once, although he suffered terrible pain.

He leaves to mourn his passing, his wife, Mrs. Alleine Seegrist , his son Roger, his mother, Mrs. Emma Seegrist of Lusk, Wyo.; three brothers, Amiel Seegrist of Pocatello, Idaho; Elwin Seegrist, Hot Springs, So. Dak. and Kenneth Seegrist, Los Angeles, Calif., also many aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, and a host of friends and neighbors. He was preceded in death last October, by his father, Leonard Seegrist.

The Lusk Herald
March 31, 1955
Earl Seegrist Dies Monday as Result of Burns

Earl Richard Seegrist, 40, died at one o'clock Monday afternoon at the Spencer Hospital of complications following burns received December 28.

Mr. Seegrist was badly burned from the waist down when a can full of fuel oil with which he was filling the stock water tank heater exploded. The heater was burning at the time and it is thought the flame came up into the can causing it to explode. He was brought to the Spencer Hospital by Mrs. Seegrsit and son Roger.

Prior to the time of his death Mr. Seegrist had been undergoing a series of skin grafting. Numerous Niobrara County people had given skin for use in the grafting.

Funeral services are being held at 2:00 p.m. thursday in the Peet Chapel with Rev. F. C. Doctor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church officiating. Mrs. A. F. DeCastro and Mrs. Emerson Bonner will sing "The Old Rugged Cross" and "Beckoning Hands" accompanied by Mrs. J. P. Watson, organist.

The casket-bearers are: Vern Torrance, Ed Baldwin, Otto York, Bert Peterson, Clarence West and Larence Adams. Interment will be in the Lusk cemetery with the Peet Mortuary in charge.

Mr. Seegrist was born December 10, 1914 at Whitney, Neb., the son of Leonard D. and Emma Seegrist. March 22, 1937 he was married to Alleine Hammond of Kirtley. The couple had one son Roger, 16, who is a sophomore in the Niobrara County High School.

Surviving are: his wife, Mrs. Alleine Seegrist, and son, Roger; his mother, Mrs. Emma Seegrist, and three brothers: Elwyn of Hot Springs, Amiel of Pocotello, Ida., and Kenneth of Los Angeles, Cal.

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