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Martin Douglas Strube

(03/09/1873 - 04/21/1937)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 04/27/1967

30 Years Ago - April 22, 1937

Martin Strube, a prominent rancher of the Hat Creek community, died at the age of 64 of a heart attack.

The Lusk Herald, April 22,1937

Martin Strube, Prominent Rancher, Dies From Heart Attack Wednesday Night

Martin Strube, 64 years of age, prominent rancher of the Hat Creek Community, died suddenly Wednesday night of a heart attack.

Friends were greatly shocked this (Thursday) morning when the word went around that Martin Strube had passed away about 10:45 the previous evening, shortly after retiring.

About a week ago Mr. Strube suffered a severe heart attack but seemed to be improving and yesterday expressed the desire to see a new grand-daughter which had been born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Beecher Strube at Lance Creek. Asserting that he felt well enough to make the drive, he and Mrs. Strube drove to Lance Creek where they visited for a time at the Beecher Strube home then saying that he was feeling much better, expressing the desire to drive on to Lusk, which they did.

Mr. Strube visited with friends in town and spent some time at the home of his sister, Mrs. Christine Fernau. Returning to the ranch he ate well at supper time, listened to the news report over the radio, read some newspapers and retired shortly before ten o'clock.

Soon after going to bed he asked his wife to get him a cough drop, explaining that he had an odd tickling in his throat after which Mrs. Strube dropped off to sleep to be awakened in a short time by the difficult breathing of her husband. She spoke to him, but he did not answer, so hastily arising she lit the lamp and saw that something was dreadfully wrong so ran to the bunk house to call the hired men but by the time she returned to the house he had passed away.

Although the shock is great to those remaining it is a fine way for one to go when his time comes.

Martin Strube was born in Germany, March 9, 1873, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Strube and when 16 years of age came to America with his parents, locating near Baker, Kansas.

He first came to Wyoming in 1899 and lived here for seven years, homesteading in the Hat Creek country. He then returned to Kansas where he was married to Alpha M. Livingston and to this union, four children were born. His son, Douglas, preceded him in death two years years ago.

Mr. Strube returned to Wyoming in 1926 and on April 7th, 1930 was married to Mrs. Christina Cook and since that time they have lived on their ranch in the hat Creek community where they have many friends.

The deceased was known as a capable, honest man and was a successful rancher and kindly neighbor.

He leaves to mourn him, his wife, Christina, one son, Beecher Strube of Lance Creek and two daughters, Roberta Phoenix of Windsor, Canada; and Margie Strube of Chase, Kansas, also two step children Helen Cook Strube and Edmund Cook, both of Lance Creek. Two sisters, Mrs. Christine Fernau of Lusk, and Mrs. Henry Reh, Kansas City, Mo., and two brothers, Justice (Justus) Strube of Denver and Henry Strube of Baker, Kansas. A brother, George, died in 1919.

Funeral services are planned for Saturday afternoon at 2:30 from the Congregational Church and a complete obituary will appear in the next issue of The Herald.

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