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Margaret Miller

(08/07/1896 - 10/08/1948)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 10/14/1948

Mrs. T. O. Miller Dies Friday Night After Long Illness.

Thon Book No. 4

Death came to Margaret Dorsey Miller at the Lusk Hospital Friday evening, Oct 8, at 6:00 o'clock as a relief from three years of suffering from a chronic heart condition.

She was the wife of Thomas O. Miller, Lusk attorney. She held a prominent place in the civic and social life of the community, serving as president of the American Legion Auxiliary in 1941 and as president of the Lusk Woman's Club in 1945, being a charter member of the latter organization.

During World War II she served as chairman of the Red Cross Nursing work.

Neighbors and friends alike recount the many kind and thoughtful deeds shown them by Margaret Miller during her life time which was brought to an early close by illness and death.

Margaret Dorsey Miller was born in Sioux City, Iowa August 7, 1896, the daughter of James and Catherine Dorsey. Her early girlhood was spent in O'Neil, Nebraska where she graduated from St. Mary's Academy in 1915. She later attended the Nebraska State Normal school at Wayne during the summer sessions and taught in that locality during the winter months.

In 1920 she came to Lusk and taught in the local grade school and later in Casper and Midwest schools.

June 3, 1922 she was married to Thomas O. Miller of Lusk and they were the parents of three children: a daughter, Demaris Claire, who is a student at the University of Wyoming; Thomas O., Jr. and James Dorsey, both students in the Lusk High School.

Besides her husband and children, surviving are her mother, Mrs. Frank Hanson; one half sister, Miss Sadie Hanson, and her step-father, Frank Hanson all of Lusk; and a half brother, Dan Hanson, of Hat Creek.

Funeral services were conducted from Peet Mortuary Chapel Sunday afternoon, Oct. 10, at 2 o'clock with Rev. Clyde E. Hampton officiating. The songs "At the End of the Road" and "Dawning of the Morning" were sung as duets by Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Culver, Jr. with Miss Carol Held as the organist.

Interment was in the Lusk Cemetery with the body being carried to its last resting place by George Gibson, C. E. Marvin, A. B. Mills, Glen Cates, T. C. Neilson and J. B. Griffith.

Honorary bearers were H. L. Joiner, O. P. Harnagel, R. I. Olinger, E. L. McKnight, T. A. Godfrey, W. B. Street, F. A. Scott, J. W. Wolfe, O. H. Klemke, E. M. Criss, W. P. Farrell, Hans Meng, P. P. Brown, Carl Lund, Carl Spacht, Cliff Dorman, Roy Johnson and Foster Jackson.

Among the out-of-town relatives here for the services were: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Miller and son, William Miller, Mrs. A. L. Miller, Miss Marguerite Fitzgerald, and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Winter, Jr. all of Casper, Wyo. and a cousin of Mrs. Miller, Jack Arbuphurst, and a friend, John Gallagher, both of O'Neil, Nebr.

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