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Clarice Zella McLean

(03/24/1919 - 06/26/1950)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 06/29/1950

Mrs. Hugh McLean Dies Here Monday

Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 1:30 in the Peet Chapel for Mrs. Hugh McLean, 31, of Lance Creek, who died at 4:00 p.m. Monday, June 26, after giving birth to a daughter Sunday at the Spencer Hospital.

Mrs. McLean, who was born on March 24, 1919, at Valentine, Nebraska, is survived in the immediate family by her husband, Hugh McLean; her two sons, Guerney, 12, and Clair, 10, and the infant daughter, all of Lance Creek; her parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Clair Rice; one brother, Haskell Rice, all of Lusk; and one sister, Mrs. Norman Drews of Roswell, New Mex.

A more complete obituary will be published in the next issue of The Herald.

The Lusk Herald
July 6, 1950
Services Held for Mrs. Hugh McLean In Lusk Friday

Last rites for Clarice Zella McLean, 31, who died at the Spencer Hospital Monday, June 26, at 4:00 p.m., were conducted at the Peet Funeral Home at 1:30 Friday, June 30. Rev. H.T. Clark of the Lusk Baptist Church officiated.

During the chapel service, music was furnished by Mrs. A.F. DeCastro, Miss Justine Watson, Lafe Culver, Jr., and Dave Wood. They sang "In the Garden," "When They Ring the Golden Bells," and "God Will Take Care of You." Mrs. Judson P. Watson accompanied at the Chapel organ.

Burial services were in the Lusk Cemetery with the casket bearers being Oscar Alexander, Robert Welch, Wiliam Welch, Sven Johnson, Verner Johnson, and Clayton Baughn.

Clarice Zella McLean, daughter of Clair S. and Blanche B. Rice, was born March 24, 1919 at Valentine, Nebr. She came to Wyoming with he parents when she was a baby, and made her home in the vicinity of Lance Creek, Manville and Lusk since that time. She graduated from the Manville High School in the year 1936.

She was married to Hugh L. McLean of Manville on June 17, 1936 in Hot Springs, So. Dak. To this union were born two sons, Gurney Hugh, age 12, and Clair Stanley, age 10, and a daughter born at the time of her death, named Reda Clarice.

Her survivors include her husband, Hugh L. McLean; her three children, Gurney, Clair and Reda, of Lance Creek; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clair S. Rice of Lusk; one sister, Mabel Leah Drews of Roswell, New Mexico, and a brother, Haskel R. Rice of Lusk.

Out-of-town friends and relatives here to attend the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Norman Drews, two daughters, Darlene and Geraldine of Roswell, New Mexico; Mr. and Mrs. Monzie Humphreys, daughter, Donna June, Mrs. Walt Nay, children, Ronnie and Sherry, of Powell; Mr. and Mrs. Art Dielman, Mrs. Nancy McLean and son, Frank, all of Longmont, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Don Dielman of Sussex, Wyo.; Mr. and Mrs. Glen McLean and family, Mrs. Ethel Parks, of Casper; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mclean, Delbert Query, all of Benedict, Nebr.; Mrs. Erma Heselgesser of Yakima, Wash.; Mrs Ruth Bjorge and son, Bobbie, of Grand Forks, No. Dak.; Mrs. Nettie Cosgrove, Chamberlain, So. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Gurney Humphreys, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schlueter and baby, all of Ocacoma, So. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sinn, Sheridan, Wyo.; Mrs. Blanche Norman, Mrs. Richard Ryan and son, Gary, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilson, all of Cheyenne; Mrs. Leah Anderson, Evanston, Wyo.; and Mrs. Elsie McClure of Hot Springs, So. Dak.

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