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Julia Elizabeth McDonald

(09/08/1907 - 03/05/1949)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 03/10/1949

Julia Mayes McDonald Dies Result of Fall

Julia Mayes McDonald, 42, died in Denver, Saturday, March 5, from the effects of head injuries sustained in a fall while in a drug store in that city, according to a coroner's inquest held on Tuesday.

Mrs. McDonald was born in Lusk, the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Mayes and the late James E. Mayes, and the funeral services will be conducted here from the Peet chapel on Friday, March 11, at 2:00 p.m.

Mrs. Orlan Hamblin, a sister of Mrs. McDonald, and her mother, Mrs. Mayes, will arrive in Lusk Thursday from Belle Fourche, So. Dak., and another sister, Mrs. Ione Shidick, of Edgerton, Wyo., will also be in Lusk.

Mrs. Helen Willson and Jack and Ralph McFarlane, all of Lusk, are cousins of the deceased. Mortician George Earl Peet went to Denver on Wednesday and will bring the remains back to Lusk.

Lusk Free Lance

March 10, 1949

Former Lusk Woman Dies in Denver as Result of Fall

Death came to Mrs. Julia McDonald, 42, formerly of this city, late last Seturday night, when, in a fall in a drug store in Denver, she suffered a fatal brain injury, according to the finding of a coroner's jury. The inquest was conducted Tuesday.

Mrs. McDonald will be remembered as the former Julia Mayes of Lusk. Born in this city, September 8, 1907, she grew to young womanhood and received her education here, graduating from the Lusk high school with the class of 1923.

Several years later she moved to Casper where she was employed in stenographic and secretarial work. For the past few years she had resided in Denver.

George Earl Peet, local mortician, went to Denver yesterday (Wednesday), and is expected to return with Mrs. McDonald's remains late tonight. Funeral services are planned for 2:00 p.m., Friday, March 11th, in the chapel of the Peet mortuary. Burial will be in the Lusk cemetery.

Surviving Mrs. McDonald are her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth H. Mayes, and two sisters, Mrs. Orlan Hamblin of Belle Fourche, S. Dak., and Mrs. Ione Shidler of Edgerton, Wyo. Her father, the late James E. Mayes, and a sister, Mrs. Autumn Harris preceded her in death.

The Lusk Herald

March 17, 1949

Last Rites Held For Julia McDonald

The last rites for Julia Elizabeth McDonald were conducted from the Peet Chapel on Friday afternoon, March 11, at 2 o'clock, with Rev. Lawrence P. Juell, Pastor of the Congregational Church, officiating.

A trio composed of Mrs. A. F. DeCastro, Mrs. H. J. Templeton and Donley Unruh sang "In the Garden" and "It Is Well With My Soul". Mrs. J. P. Watson was the accompanist.

The casket bearers were Arthur Keller, Otto Klemke, A. F. DeCastro, Chester McWilliam, George Mill and Everette Brooks.

The deceased was laid to rest in the family plot in the Lusk Cemetery.

Julia Elizabeth Mayes was born in Lusk Sept. 8, 1907, the daughter of James E. and Elizabeth Mayes. She attended the Lusk Schools and after her graduation from Lusk High School she attended Barnes Business College in Denver. She did secretarial work at Midwest, Casper and Denver and was a member of the Women of Moose Lodge-Casper 306.

She passed away in Denver, Colo., on March 5 and the body was brought to Lusk by the Peet Mortuary.

Surviving her is her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Mayes, and two sisters, Mrs. Ione Shidler of Edgerton, Wyo., and Mrs. Orian Hamblin of Belle Fourche, S.Dak. Other relatives residing in Lusk are her cousins, Mrs. Helen Willson, Jack McFarlane and Ralph McFarlane and a niece, Mrs. Mazie McVay, and a nephew, James Harris both of Jay Em.

Among out-of-town relatives and friends here for the services besides her mother and sister from Belle Fourche, were Dr. and Mrs. M.H. Shidler, and Miss Marvene Shidler of Edgerton, Lake Harris and Francis McVay of Jay Em, Mr. and Mrs. Chester McWilliams of Laramie, Mrs. William Anderson of Upton, Mrs. Mary Ertle, Mrs. H.N. Purcell and Mrs. M.E. Scott of Newcastle and Mrs. Claude Mapes of Casper.

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