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Mary Jane McFarlane

(03/22/1868 - 08/07/1903)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 08/13/1903

Passed to the Beyond

This article, published in the Converse County Herald, is courtesy of the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

Died, at her home in Lusk, Wyoming, on Thursday, August 7, 1903, Mrs. Mary J. McFarlane, wife of Albert E. McFarlane. About 10 days previous to her death Mrs. McFarlane received a fall, as spoken of in a previous issue of the Herald, sustaining a dislocated hip, a broken rib and internal injuries. She had been a cripple from rheumatism for the past ten years, never haiving walked during that time. Mrs. McFarlane was born in Tredegar, South Wales, March 22, 1868, and came to this country with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. J. J. Hancock, in January, 1884, settling in New York state, where she lived until December 20, 1888, when she came to Lusk, marrying Mr. McFarlane March 14 1889. As a result of this marriage five children were born, four of whom survive her - Archie 13, Albert 11, Helen 8 years, and Ralph 3 months. During all the years of her suffering she kept a sweet disposition, often wondering why she was called upon to suffer so much, but seeming to feel that as long as it was God's will that it must be all right. Her thoughts and aims were to make her family happy and her home pleasant, making her a loving wife and mother. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Cleveland on Friday afternoon, and all that was mortal of Mrs. McFarlane was laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery. The sympathy of the community goes out to the bereaved relatives in this, their hour of trial, but their loss is her gain for -

"Her languishing head is at rest,

It's achings and thinkings are o'er;

Her quiet, immovable breast,

Shall be tossed by affliction no more."

Card of Thanks

We wish to take this means of thanking those who so kindly assisted us during the illness and death of our beloved wife and mother. Especially do we wish to thank Dr. Hall, who so faithfully remained with us throughout our trouble.

A.E. McFarlane and Family

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