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Bernard V. Rogers

(02/27/1844 - 01/01/1916)
Courtesy of Wyoming Newspaper Project, 01/06/1916

Bernard V. Rogers

Bernard V. Rogers, retired ranchman and stock grower, died New Year's Day, Jan. 1, 1916, at Lusk, Wyoming. He was nearly 72 years old, having been born at Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 27, 1844.

Mr. Rogers was a Harvard college graduate, a student of a St. Louis law school, and was admitted to the bar in the state of Illinois. He also taught school in Havanna in that state. During the civil war he acted in the capacity of messenger boy.

He came west when a boy, stopping for a short time in Indiana, and afterward locating in Havanna, Ills., where on Nov. 7, 1867, he was married to Ann Maria Buck. In 1881 Mr. Rogers and his family ventured farther west, sojourning about a year in Missouri and afterward settling in Nebraska, where for 15 years he helped to build up the fortunes of that state. In 1895 the family left Tobias, Nebr., and came to Wyoming, first making their home near Manville, and later taking up land on Indian Creek, where Mr. Rogers and his wife lived until the fall of 1910, when they moved to Lusk. Here Mrs. Rogers died on March 1, 1913.

The deceased is survived by seven children who greatly mourn his loss: Mrs. Minnie B. Childs, of Chicago; Walter B. Rogers, of Giltner, Nebr.; Foster Rogers, of Laramie, Wyo.; and Harry R., Roy L., and Fred B. Rogrs, and Mrs. W. B. Shipley, all of Lusk. There are also thirteen grand-children and two great-grand-children.

Mr. Rogers was of a kindly disposition, quiet and unassuming in his manner toward all, and was universally liked and affectionally styled "Dad" by all his acquaintances and friends. His loss to the community is keenly felt.

Mr. Rogers first was taken ill and consulted a physician Dec. 19, but soon recovered sufficiently to be up and around with his family. He suffered a return of his complaint Friday afternoon, Dec. 31, when the doctor being called, requested that a professional nurse be secured, which was done; but in spite of the combined skill of the doctor and nurse the end came quickly.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Congregational church in Lusk, the Rev. Dr. Atkinson, of Jireh, delivering the address before a large assemblage of the relatives, neighbors and friends of the deceased. Interment was made in Lusk cemetery, the pall bearers being Messrs. H. D. Wiltse, T. L. Thompson, P. E. Barber, A. L. Miller, W. C. Reed, and H. C. Snyder.

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