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Julia Amelia Rogers

(08/10/1862 - 12/06/1937)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/09/1937

Mrs. Julia Rogers Lusk Pioneer Resident Dies

Funeral of Well Known Woman Held Here Thursday

Lusk residents mourn the death of Mrs. Julia B. Rogers, 75, who passed away early Monday morning, December 6th in her apartment at the Amy Christian residence.

Funeral services were held from the Congregational church on this (Thursday) afternoon with Rev. George Jenkins officiating and music was furnished by Mrs. H. J. Templeton and Mrs. Ab DeCastro accompanied by Mrs. Jenkins.

The active pall bearers were Henry Petz, Andrew Christian, L. A. Wood, Garth Percival, D. A. Shoopman and Chris Joss, and honorary pall bearers were E. M. Arnold, D. D. Caley, Frank DeCastro, Harry Hargraves, Jerd Lorenzen and Fred Root.

The funeral arrangements were in charge of the Peet Mortuary.

Mrs. Rogers came to Wyoming in the spring of 1900 and since that time has been active in the community life of this section.

The past month she has been gradually failing in health and the end came peacefully in her sleep Monday morning.

Surviving her are three sons, Fred A. and Stewart W. Boyd of Lusk and George of Los Angeles, Calif.

Julia Amelia Bush was born to William J. and Julia A. Petery-Bush, on August 10, 1862, at Brighton, Wis., and was one of six children of this family. She passed away at her apartment home in this city at 4:45 a.m. December 6, 1937, following an illness of about one month's duration. She had reached the age of 75 years, 3 months and 26 days.

Miss Bush received her schooling in Wisconsin, where her earlier years were spent. When a young lady her family moved to Illinois, and after residing there for several years, crossed the Mississippi river and took up residence in Missouri. From there the trek was to Nebraska. It was on March 10, 1881, that Miss Bush married William S. Boyd, at Rockford, Illinois, and to this union four children - three sons and a daughter, were born. The daughter, Vera Belle, died when about 3 years old, but the three sons survive. They are George W. of Los Angeles, Calif.; Fred A. and Stewart W., both of this city.

Mrs. Boyd was married to Harry R. Rogers at Topeka, Kan., on August 10, 1897. It was shortly after this that the family returned to Nebraska, settling near Madison, where the Boyd children were given their education. In the spring of 1900, another move was made, this one bringing the family into Wyoming, to the old John Dogherty ranch, about 25 miles northeast of Lusk, on east Indian creek, which had previouly been puchased by Mr. Rogers. The trip from Madison had been made in covered wagons, and it required three weeks. In those years the country was sparsely settled, and the trip overland was made under the dangers so commonly prevalent at that period. However, the family reached here safely, and their home became one of the most hospitable of the community.

They resided on the ranch for eight years, at the end of which time they moved to Lusk, where Mr. Rogers engaged in the livery business in the landmark which was destroyed by flames, but a year ago. This vicinity was then a part of Converse county, and in 1910, when Niobrara county was created, Mr. Rogers became its first sheriff. He engaged in other business enterprises here for a number of years, and during his last years, was connected with a number of new invention enterprises. It was on one of his many business trips that he lost his life in an automobile accident in October 13, 1935, near Dallas, Texas.

For a number of years, Mrs. Rogers was active in the work of the Eastern Star and Rebekah lodges of this city. Her famiy life was one of devotion, and in all activities undertaken outside her home, she was always an outstanding worker.

Mrs. Rogers continued her reisdence in Lusk, during the time business interests compelled her husband's absence, and surrounded her home each year with an abundance of flowers, which seemed to grow and thrive under her tender care. Her flower gardens were cherished by her and admired by her many friends for their extreme beauty.

About three years ago, Mrs. Rogers was taken critically ill following an internal hemorrhage, and for days her life hung in the balance. She rallied from this attack, however, and regained her good health, enjoying this until last month, when she suffered what was believed to have been a severe cold. It was learned later that her heart had weakened, and this this was causing a rapid decline in her condition.

She seemed in good spirits during most of her last illness, however, and was able to be up and around most of the time, although constantly under the care of the physician. Sunday night her condition became worse, and she passed away peacefully while asleep at 4:45 o'clock the following morning. In her passing which brings deep sorrow to those of her family and to a multitude of long-time friends, there exists the solace that she had lived a lovable, tender and useful life.

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