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Archie John Parmely

(02/13/1893 - 09/25/1954)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/30/1954

Archie Parmely Dies in S. D. Sat.

Archie Parmely, formerly of Niobrara County and a brother of Edwin S. Parmely and Mrs. Mae Kintigh of Lusk, died at his home near Miller, S. Dak., Sept. 26. Funeral services were held at Miller Wednesday.

Mr. Parmely moved to Niobrara County from Miller in 1930 and lived for 11 years on a ranch between Keeline and Shawnee, the land now being owned by O. E. Bible of Lost Spring. In 1941 the family returned to Miller and operated a farm near that town. Mr. Parmely has suffered several heart atttacks in the last two years. Saturday afternoon he died suddenly while working in the field.

Surviving are: his wife, Mrs. Bertha Parmely; five sons: Donald, Leo, Lavern, Harold and Merlin; one sister, Mrs. Mae Kintigh; and one brother, Edwin S. Parmely, several nieces and a cousin. Three sons preceeded him in death.

Lusk relatives attending the funeral were: Edwin S. Parmely, Mrs. Mae Kintigh, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coleman, Claude Parmely.

The Lusk Herald
November 4, 1954
Obituary of Archie J. Parmely is Published

Archie John Parmely was born Feb. 13, 1893 on a farm south of Miller (S.D.) He died Sept. 25, 1954 at 3:30 p.m. at the age of 61 years, seven months and 12 days.

When but a small child, he moved with his parents to Chamberlain. They lived there for many years and he attended school and helped his father drive a stagecoach, carrying mail and passengers to and from Crow Creek, Pukwana and Kimball.

About 1910 they all moved to a farm east of Wessington and engaged in farming and stock.

On Oct. 13, 1915 he was married to Bertha L. Daugherty, Wessington, at the Presbyterian parsonage at Miller, Rev. Cooper officiating. They were the parents of eight sons.

They were engaged in farming here until the spring of 1927 when they moved to a ranch between Lusk and Douglas. After 13 years they moved back to Miller where they bought the farm they are on and have lived there since 1940.

Archie and his sons have farmed and ranched on a large scale until he became ill two years ago. Though he realized his illness was seriuous, his primary interest was always to be out helping with the work. It was his wish to help actively with all kinds of work until his death and that wish was fulfilled. He was driving the tractor raking hay for Harrold when death overtook hiim. He had only gone to the field about an hour when Harrold noticed the tractor stopped and Archie slumped over the wheel. He ran over to rescue but discovered that his father had died.

Archie was a member of the Presbyterian Church and had been a member of two lodges.

Funeral services were held Sept. 29 at the Presbyterian Church, Rev. Ward officiating. Mrs. Spain played the organ and a quartet composed of Herbert Heidepriem, Jack Jones, Mrs. Rex Jordeth and Mrs. M. W. Pangburn sang.

Honorary pallbearers were : Louis Borkhuis, Gene Morrison, Billy Johnson, Willard Yost, Percy Wade, Carl Winsell, Art Soderberg, Herman VanDenBerg, L. T. Jarmuth and J. C. Jones. Pallbearers were Jay McGinnus, Arvy Ravenscroft, B. O. Titus, Les Winsell, Leon Karst and Francis McGuire.

Archie was preceded in death by his father, mother, one infant sister and three sons. Suviving his death are his widow, Bertha; five sons: Donald, Leo, Frank, LaVerne, Harrold and Merlyn, all of Miller; three brothers and one sisters: Leonard and Ferrill of St. Lawrence, Edwin and Mrs. Mae Kintigh of Lusk; three daughters-in-law and seven grand-daughters.

Relatives from Lusk attending the funeral were: Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coleman, Mrs. Mae Kintigh, Edwin Parmely and Claude Parmely.

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