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Lillian Lucille Shrum

(11/30/-0001 - 02/12/1951)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 02/15/1951

Mrs. Glen Shrum Of Cheyenne Dies

Word was received by relatives here of the death of Mrs. Glen Shrum of Cheyenne, February 12, after being in failing health for the past two years. Mrs. Julia Black of Bright, mother of Mrs. Shrum, was with her daughter at the time of her death.

Services will be conducted from the Schrader Funeral Home in Cheyenne Thursday afternoon, at 1:30 o'clock.

Mrs. Shrum is survived by her husband, Glen Shrum of Cheyenne; her mother, Mrs. Julia Black of Bright, and the following sisters and brothers: Hugh Black, Jr., Harlow Town, Montana; Robert S. Black, Lusk; Elizabeth Beck, Blackduck, Minnesota; Geneva Hammel, Gladys Rumney, both of north Niobrara County; John Black, Great Falls, Montana; Judy Cook, Hat Creek; Charles Black, Lusk; Clarence Black, Lance Creek; Mary Wood, Sacramento, Calif.; Leroy Black, Bright.

It is thought that all relatives from this county will attend the services in Cheyenne.

The Lusk Herald

February 22, 1951

Last Rites Held In Cheyenne for Mrs. Glenn Shrum

Concluding rites were held at the Schrader Funeral Home in Cheyenne February 15 at 1:30 o'clock for a former Niobrarian, Mrs. Glenn T. (Lucille) Shrum, 41, who died last Monday in the Cheyenne Memorial Hospital.

The services were conducted by Rev. Lincoln B. Wirt and burial was made in Beth-El cemetery. The pallbearers were, Ross Stapp, Vern Sowers, Wm. E. Sutton, Donald Olinger, Murray Mc Laughlin and Capt. W. R. Bradley.

Lucille Black, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Black, was born in Akron, Colorado. In 1918 she moved with her parents to Bright, Wyo. She attended Lusk High School later marrying Glenn T. Shrum. Mrs. Shrum was a member of the Lusk Rebekah Lodge No. 12.

Mr. and Mrs. Shrum ranched on the Divide west of Kirtley up until four years ago, when he was engaged with the Wyoming Highway Department. After living in Powell and Worland that next year, Mr. and Mrs. Shrum moved to Cheyenne.

She is survived by her husband, Glenn T. of Cheyenne, her mother, Mrs. Julia Black of Bright; five sisters, six brothers and several nieces and nephews.

Relatives attending the services were, Mrs. Julia Black, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hammell, and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cook and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rumney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Black, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Black, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Black, Charles Black all of this county; Hugh Black, Jr. of Harlow Town, Montana, and John Black of Great Falls, Montana. Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Wood of Sacramento, Calif. and Mrs. Elizabeth Beck of Blackduck, Minnesota were unable to attend the funeral.

Others from this county at the funeral were , Mr. and Mrs. Levern James, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hansen, and Mr. and Mrs. Emil Klemke.

This was the first time all six brothers had been together for at least twenty years.

Note: In the Cheyenne Beth-El Cemetery records, Mrs. Shrum is listed under Lillian L. Shrum. Her husband, listed as Glen T. Shrum, is also buried there, with a death date of 3/20/1964.

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