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Elizabeth Ann Reynolds Bradley

(02/18/1837 - 08/16/1909)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 08/19/1909

Another Pioneer Gone

One by one the pioneers of the west are removed from the stage of action and laid to rest in the various cities of the dead. The latest one to be taken from Converse county was Mrs. Wm. Bradley, who died at her home in Lusk, Monday, August 16th, of heart failure, complicated by bright's disease, at the age of 72 years.

Mrs. Bradley was born in Missouri February 18, 1837, but moved to Kansas in early life as one of the early pioneers of that state, remaining there until 1887, when she came to Wyoming, where she has since made her home. She was the mother of ten children who survive her, five of them being well known citizens of Converse county. Wm. Reynolds, Russell Bradley and Mrs. A. E. McFarlane of Lusk, Mrs. Jack Raffen of Rawhide and Mrs. H. Conors of Manville.

Like most early settlers of the west, she worked hard that those who came after might enjoy the fruit of their labors. Even those of us who have been here for the past quarter of a century cannot realize what it meant to live in the west fifty and sixty years ago. The courage and self-denial of those who paved the way to this glorious country was marvelous, and when life with its suffering and struggles is o'er, our wish for them is that they may rest in peace.

The remains of Elizabeth Bradley were laid to rest in the Lusk cemetery Tuesday afternoon, after a brief service, conducted by D. E. Goddard, at the home of the deceased, where a large number of friends had gathered to witness the last sad rites. To her husband and her children we will say:

"There is no death!
What seems so is transition.
This life of mortal breath
Is but a suburb of the life elysian,
Whose portal we call death."

Card of Thanks
We wish to earnestly express our thanks for the valued services, kind attention and touching floral tributes given by our many friends in our bereavement.

Husband and Children of the late Mrs. Bradley


News of the death of Mrs. Wm. Bradley of Lusk reached here Monday evening. Mrs. Bradley has been ailing for a long time but was much better than usual this summer and her death was a shock to all here.

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