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Sonja Lorraine Alexander

(01/16/1946 - 09/28/2011)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 10/05/2011

Sonja Lorraine Alexander

Sonja Lorraine Alexander died on Sept. 28, 2011 at the Wyoming Medical Center, from complications due to a stroke. Sonja was born in Chadron, Neb. on Jan. 16, 1946 to Harry Leon Burke and Eileen Annette Leeling.

Sonja graduated from Chadron High School, Chadron, Neb. She married Eldon R. Alexander of Manville, Wyo. on Oct. 5, 1963. Eldon and Sonja moved to Lander, Wyo. where Eldon joined the Wyoming State Patrol, and they began their life as a law enforcement couple. Both Eldon and Sonja took great dignity in being a part of the Wyoming State Patrol.

On Jan. 8, 1968 Sonja and Eldon became the proud parents of their first child, Heidi Annette, and on Dec. 8, 1970 they welcomed Jason Roger, which completed their family. Eldon was then transferred to Lusk (back home) where they settled to raise their family, and where Sonja and Eldon would live their lives following their children and eventually retiring on the family farm in Manville.

Sonja worked at Safeway for five years before taking a full time position at the Lusk State Bank where she worked for 13 years. Some of her fondest friends and memories were made at the Bank. Many customers appreciated her warm smile and willingness to socialize with them about their families.

Sonja will be remembered most as a mother, aunt, and grandmother. She took great pride in all of her kids and family. She enjoyed cooking and preparing for Holiday gatherings that were always spent eating and playing cards. Her grandkids remember her most for her homemade kool-aid popsicles, playing cards, shopping, her love of fishing and of course the gingerbread men she made at Christmas.

Sonja is survived by mother Eileen Allsup, step-father Wilbur, sister Coleen of Marquette, Kansas; husband Eldon; daughter and son-in-law; Heidi and Jack Kramm, grandchildren Heather, Andrea and Kaden Kramm of Colorado; son and daughter -in-law Jason and Wendy Alexander, grandchildren Megan, Morgan and Jackson Alexander of Ord, Nebraska. Also surviving are various nephews, nieces and cousins, which Sonja loved dearly.

Mrs. Alexander was preceded in death by her father, Harry Burke; and sister, Harriet Lecher.

A memorial has been established to the Manville Community Church in Manville.

A funeral service was held on Oct. 3, 2011 at the Pier Funeral Home in Lusk. Interment followed at the Dellview Cemetery near Manville.

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