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Frank Stillman Lusk

(04/27/1857 - 08/06/1930)
Courtesy of Library Archives, 08/08/1930

F.S. Lusk, Prominent Missoula Resident Dies, Pioneer Had Played Leading Part in Building of the West

Frank Lusk died at Missoula, Montana, August 6, 1930. The Daily Missoulian printed a news story August 8, 1930:

"Funeral services for Frank S. Lusk will be held at the Forkenbrook Chapel at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, when the Christian Science service will be read. The body will lie in state today until the funeral hour Saturday at the chapel.

"Honorary pallbearers will be former Lieutenant Governor, W. W. McDowell, Judge Albert J. Galen, Judge George Bourquin, U.S. Senator T.J. Walsh, Oscar Crutchfield, Newell Gough, Judge Charles N. Pray, E.H. Polleys and John D. McCormick. The body will be sent east on the North Coast Limited train Saturday afternoon to Cleveland, Ohio, for burial in the Lusk family plot.

"At the time of death he was chairman of the Montana Textbook Commission and Missoula Library Board. For years he served as chairman of the high school board here. He was vice chairman of the Montana Commission for the Panama-Pacific exposition.

"Mr. Lusk is survived by his widow and daughter, Mrs. Mahmood Abozeid, who until her recent marriage was Miss Vivian Gorham Lusk."

Mrs. Abozeid was an adopted daughter of the Lusks, and is now living in Egypt with her husband.

Frank Lusk, In 1894 Lusk was married to Miss Louise B. Findley, a native of San Francisco and the daughter of Thomas Findley, a prominent citizen and former treasurer of the state of California.

The Lusk Herald
August 13, 1970
Costlow Collection, Frank Lusk, Part 5
40 Years Ago, August 14, 1930

Many old-timers will be grieved to learn of the death of Frank Stillman Lusk, the man for whom the town of Lusk is named, at his home in Missoula Montana. Mr. Lusk was a pioneer of this part of Wyoming, and in the early days he played a leading part in the building up of this section. He was a resident of the old town of Silver Cliff, and was instrumental in inducing the Wyoming Central to build its line to farther west. He laid out the new town, which was named in his honor.

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