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John "Daddy" T. Hogg

(01/22/1844 - 09/11/1932)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 09/15/1932


Old Veteran is Buried at Edgemont, With Full Military Honors By Lusk Legion Post

John T. Hogg, almost 90 years old, one of the last of the Civil War veterans of this section, passed away at the Lusk Hospital, at 11:50 Sunday night, and was laid to rest with full military honors, in charge of the Lusk Post of the American Legion, Wednesday.

"Daddy" Hogg, as he was familiarly known by a host of friends here, had been in ill health for some time, but for the past few weeks his condition had steadily grown worse. The immediate cause of his death was given as senility.

The old veteran had anticipated for some time that his days were numbered, and had made many of the funeral arrangements himself. Some time ago he appointed what he called his "burial committee," composed of Reuben A. Faulk, Frank A. Barrett and the late Thos. M. Fagan. As "Daddy" had outlived Mr. Fagan, one of his committee, he had been discussing for some time the appointment of another member, but if he did he failed to announce his choice. Mr. Barrett and Mr. Faulk made arrangements for the funeral, as he had requested.

Funeral services were held in the Lusk Congregational Church Wednesday at 1:00 o'clock, with Rev. Irwin and Harry Koontz, chaplain of the Legion Post, officiating. A male quartet composed of Ford B. Kuns, C. C. Browning, Alger Johnson and R. A. Faulk, accompanied by Mrs. H. J. Templeton, rendered "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground," "They're Going Down the Valley One By One," and "There's a Land That's Brighter Than Day." Rev. Irwin delivered an appropriate sermon, and Chaplain Koontz officiated for the Legion.

The pallbearers were Jake Weibel, John F. Harkin, F. W. Chambers, Roy McGuire, Geo. Weymouth and C. E. Marvin.

All members of the family attended the funeral, arrangements for which were in charge of the Peet Mortuary. Interment was made in the Edgemont cemetery, beside a devoted wife who passed away many years ago. Several cars, conveying the family and Legion members, accompanied the remains to Edgemont. Many more cars joined when the funeral procession neared its destination, and a large crown attended the final rites at Edgemont.

"Daddy" Hogg has been a familiar figure around Lusk for many years, and always took a great interest in the services on Memorial and Armistice days. He was full of reminiscences and told many interesting tales of his experience in the Civil War. He was on Sherman's famous march to the sea, and recently told friends of the circumstances under which Gen. Sherman uttered his famous words, "War is hell."

According to "Daddy," the Yankees had just captured a little Southern town, and the troops were entering. "Daddy" said Sherman, who was riding at the head of a detachment of troops, suddenly paused by the roadside, where the body of a beautiful young woman riddled with bullets lay with her face upturned toward the Southern sun. Gen. Sherman stopped, removed his hat, looked upon the face of the young woman, and with much feeling uttered the words which have gone down in history - "War is hell!"

John T. Hogg was born January 22, 1844, at Point Pleasant, Old Virginia, which now is known as West Virginia, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Hogg, who were located on a tract of land surveyed by George Washington and ceded by the government to the Hogg family as a remuneration for services rendered the government in the Colonial and French and Indian wars.

Mr. Hogg resided at this old home site through all the year of his life until he came west in 1896.

He was united in marriage to Harriet Lucy Maupin, at Point Pleasant, on January 25, 1870, she having preceded him in death in November, 1905. (Note: The year was actually 1904.)

To this union were born three sons, William Gilmer, James Blair and Ethan Allen Hogg, all of Warren, Wyoming, and four daughters, Mrs. Julia Inez Brewster, Mary Elvira Brown, Sylvia Maupin Marchant, all of Warren, Wyoming, and Marian Harvey Hogg, who passed from life at Edgemont, South Dakota, in 1898, at the age of eleven years. All these children were born at the old home at Point Pleasant.

John T. Hogg enlisted in the Union Army, December 7th, 1863, at the age of 19 years, in the Thirteenth Virginia Infantry, serving part of his enlistment under General Sherman. He served until the close of the war and was discharged July 11, 1865. He was wounded in the battle of Berryville, Virginia, and took part in the major battles of Sandy Creek and at Bull Run, besides many other minor engagements.

On July 13, 1867, he received a medal from the Government for his devotion, patriotism and services in the suppression of the Rebellion.

Coming directly to Wyoming from Virginia in 1896, he located in the vicinity of Warren and engaged in the livestock industry. Later, for a period of ten years, he lived in Florida, but preferring the northern country, he returned to Wyoming and has resided in Lusk for the past twelve years.

Highly respected and dearly loved by a host of friends as "Daddy" Hogg, his jolly voice, now silenced by death, will be deeply missed by his legion of friends and acquaintances in this vicinity.

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