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Lawrence "Yoy" Johnson

(09/27/1873 - 11/29/1957)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 12/05/1957

Lawrence Johnson Dies Here Friday

Lawrence Johnson, 84, a man who came to this area the year before the Town of Lusk was founded, died Friday morning from complications of old age at the Manring Convalescent Home. Funeral services were held at 2:00 p.m. Sunday from the Peet Chapel with Rev. Jacob Nein officiating. Burial was made in the Lusk Cemetery.

When only 12 years old Lawrence, commonly called Yoy, came west from Columbus, Nebr. with his mother, Johanna Johnson. His father, Ellis had come to Silver Cliff two years earlier. The Johnson family was among the early families to make the move from the old town of Silver Cliff (present site of Niobrara Country Club) to the present town of Lusk. Here Lawrence's father opened a general store in the building that was formerly occupied by The Lusk Free Lance. The store was called Baker and Johnson, after the partners.

Lawrence received what education the small western town of Lusk had to offer and then opened a Candy Snap (today called a confectionary store.) Later he and his brother Peddy operated Johnson Bros. Saloon and homesteaded. Yoy's homestead was at the south point of the Buck Creek Hills and Peddy's a few miles further west. The brothers alternated staying in the saloon and homesteading.

Lawrence married Edith Hancock July 3, 1894 and they were the parents of three children.

For a while the Johnson Brothers operated a ranch together and later Peddy bought Yoy's interest in the ranch that is now the JA-6 and is owned and operated by Peddy's son, Roy. Yoy purchased the Cross A ranch in 1908, which is now owned by his daughters Mrs. Ihla Anderson and Mrs. Avaley Outhouse, under the name Johnson sisters.

In addition to his ranching activities he was active in the oil business and for many years was a director of both Lusk Royalty Co. and Tom Bell Royalty Co. He was also active engaged in banking and was an early day president of the Lusk State Bank.

During the early years he was an active member of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. He was also a member of the Lusk Lions Club and a member of the first Lusk band.

He is survived by his two daughters; and two sisters, Mrs. Emma Harwell of Berkley, Calif. and Miss Mary Johnson of Seattle, Wash.; and several grand and great grand children. His wife; son, Harleigh; two brothers, Anton and Alfred (Peddy); two sisters Lenora and Ella, have previously died.

At the services Sunday afternoon a male quartet composed of Gerald Bardo, Dale M. Bardo, Rex Yocum, and L. E. Johnsonbaugh sang "Rock of Ages", "Home on the Range" and "Old Rugged Cross." Mrs. Gerald Bardo was organist.

Active pallbearers were Roy Chamberlain, George Mill, Ray DeGering, John Goddard, George Gibson and William Kruse. Honorary pall bearers were Henry Petz, John Agnew, N. E. Hartwell, Mike Cordell, Logan Brewster, Ed Arnold, Harry Boner, J. B. Griffith, Sr. and Lake Harris.

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