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Amy Edithe Christian

(10/19/1880 - 01/27/1944)
Courtesy of Johnny & Margaret Thon Files, 02/03/1944

Sudden Heart Attack Fatal to Miss Amy E. Christian

This community was shocked and grieved by the sudden passing of Miss Amy Christian last Thursday evening about six o'clock, at the Lusk Hospital, where she had been taken earlier in the day when stricken with a heart attack.

A teacher in the Lusk schools for many years, and later county superintendent, brought her in close touch with the young people of the community throughout the years. Active in civic enterprises, as well as the business world, her life touched that of many people in her busy, useful years.

Early in life Miss Christian had a very severe illness that left her health impaired, amounting almost to frailness, but her ambition and energy overcame all this.

Amy Edithe Christian was born in Carrol County, Iowa, October 19, 1880, the second child in the C. L. Christian family. She departed this life January 27th, 1944, at Lusk, Wyoming.

She came with the family to Wyoming in 1890 and resided with them in what is known as the Pleasant Ridge country, east of Lusk. Here she grew to womanhood, securing all the education possible from the country schools of that period. She also attended the University of Wyoming one year and later enrolled in the Wesleyan University at Lincoln, Nebraska, completing a normal course in that school.

She was engaged in teaching rural schools several years. She also held teaching positions in Harrison, Neb., Cheyenne, Wyo., and Lusk. She held the office of superintendent of schools for Niobrara county for seven years. After this she took up the abstracting business. This, with some secretarial work for the various county offices, was continued until recent years.

She gave up public service to devote more time to her home on Elm street. Gardens of flowers were her special delight and it seemed that exquisite bouquets were always ready for some one.

Her loyalties were many and lasting - one being her church. The present congregational Church of Lusk was especially dear to her. She figured prominently in its construction, furnishings and maintenance and was always active in its services and devotions.

To her family she was ever strength and fortitude. There was no sorrow too deep, no misfortune too great, nor errors too many that she could not understand and her soothing comfort heal.

For her community she had pride and vision and almost a passion for that which was lovely or beautiful or beneficial. She gave freely of her time to enterprises that were uplifting and character building.

She is survived by seven sisters and three brothers: Mrs. Florence Wormwood of Glendo, Wyo.; Mrs. Nelsena Park of Wilmington, Delaware; Mrs. Elmeta Eckwall of Chadron, Neb.; Mrs. Jennie Moyer of Henderson, Texas; Mrs. Mabel Wilson of Asheville, North Carolina; Mrs. Georgia Johns of Ackwasch, Iowa; Mrs. Freida Eshelman of Alhambra, California; Andrew and Ray Christian of Lusk and James H. Christian of Harrison, Neb.

She was preceded in death by one sister, Mrs. Elisha Nicodemus, and one brother, Rollin W. Christian; also her parents, Chris L. and Sarah Emma Christian.

Funeral services were held from the Peet chapel on Monday afternoon at two o'clock, with the Rev. Gale, pastor of the Congregational Church of Douglas, officiating.

Music was furnished by Mrs. H. J. Templeton, Mrs. Robert Taylor, O.P. Harnagel and Gerald Bardo, with Mrs. Bardo presiding at the instrument.

The casket bearers were L. A. Wood, Aaron Lincoln, C. A. Whelan, Thomas O. Miller, O. P. Harnagel and C. W. Spacht.

Interment was made in the Lusk Cemetery.

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Chris L Christian and Emma Pace Christian (Center) Children Left to Right James Hans May 30, 1884, Andrew Lewis July 28, 1882, Florence May May 22, 1879, Amy Edith Oct. 19, 1880, Nellsena Tabatha (in front of father) Jan 12, 1886, Rollin William (on mother's lap) Feb 17, 1888.

Gravestone photos courtesy of the Joshua Brackett Eagle Scout Project

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