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William Henry Larson

(08/29/1902 - 11/09/1917)
Courtesy of The Lusk Herald, 11/15/1917

Death of William Larson

William Henry Larson succumbed to his injuries Friday and passed away deeply mourned. He was born at Fosston, Minnesota, August 29th, 1902, and at the time of his demise was 15 years, 2 months and 11 days old.

He is survived by his father and mother, three sisters, Lillian, Louise and Gertrude, and two brothers, Oscar and Henry.

The funeral service was held Saturday at the Congregational Church and was largely attended. Rev. Blenkarn read the lesson and four of William's schoolmates acted as pall-bearers: George Fernau, Lloyd Holsapple, Donald Miller and Charles Giinther. Interment was in Lusk cemetery.

Card of Thanks
We wish to express to our friends and neighbors, our deepest appreciation and sincere thanks, for the many acts of kindness and beautiful floral tributes, extended us during our recent bereavement.

L.T. Larson and Family

The Lusk Herald
November 8, 1917
Injured at Railway Crossing

Yesterday afternoon while William Larson was on his way home to the country, driving a team to a light wagon, either the team became unmanageable or they ran away, the consequence being that he was caught on the crossing east of the stock yards by the eastbound passenger train and hurled a distance of twenty feet, the rig being totally demolished and the boy thought to be fatally injured.

The train was brought to a stop and was about to return to Lusk with the lad when Arthur Thompson drove up in his car and took him to town where Dr. Dale rendered first aid. A hurried examination revealed the fact that his head was badly cut and bruised and his skull thought to be fractured. He was unconscious most of the time until he was removed to the Northwestern hotel when he showed signed of rallying.

This morning he is reported as being somewhat improved and resting easy. All hope for a speedy recovery for William, who is a fine, bright boy, and his loss would be a terrible blow to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Larson, and his other relatives.

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