Earl Miller Husted

Photo courtesy of photographer Pat Linaman
Photo courtesy of photographer Pat Linaman

(May 11, 1870 - May 20, 1920)

Wyoming Newspaper Project
May 20, 1920


With No Motive For Terrible Act, Man Shoots Self on Morning After Arrival Here

E. M. Husted is at the point of death at the home of his nephew, Ted Eutsler, west of this city, as the result of a bullet wound inflicted by himself early this morning.

Mr. Husted arrived in Manville Wednesday forenoon from the east, and went to the home of his nephew, Ted Eutsler, prominent farmer a few miles west of this city. No noticeable unfamilairity in his action was witnessed by the family, and Mr. Husted seemed pleased in the greatest degree at being in the home of his nephew, and spent most of his time entertaining the children at the house.

The family retired with no thought of anything worrying the mind of their uncle. Early this morning Mr. Husted emerged from his bed room and entered the room where Mr. Eutsler and two children were in bed.

He walked over and took a 22-caliber rifle from its rack on the wall, sat down in a chair in front of the bed, placed the barrel of the rifle on his temple and pulled the trigger, firing the shot which will eventually end his life.

The family was aroused by the report from the gun and upon surmising the situation called Dr. Christensen, who hastened to the scene. Dr. Christensen remained for two hours at his bed side doing all in his power to save the life. He returned to his office and expressed great surprise that the man was still alive, and pronounced that the wound was positively fatal. He returned to Mr. Eutsler's home in a short time, and upon going to press no word has been received as to whether the man is yet alive.

Upon being questioned as to the possible motive for the act, Mr. Eutsler said there had been nothing said by Mr. Husted, nor had there been any action by him, which would indicate that he was in a despondent state of mind, or worried in any way.

Owing to the fact that the address of Mr. Husted's wife was unknown, it is believed by many that the couple had separated, and that it might be possible that brooding over this if it be a fact, led to Mr. Husted's attempt to end his life.

The Lusk Herald
May 28, 1920
Easterner Suicides in Home of Nephew

E. M. Husted, an uncle of Ted Husted (should be Eutsler) who lives near Manville, committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple with a 22 caliber rifle, last Thursday morning. As soon as the family discovered what had happened they summoned Dr. Christensen but his efforts to save the man's life were of no avail. No reason is known for Husted's action.

Manville News
June 3, 1920

Earl Miller Husted was born May 11, 1870 at Toledo, Ohio. He came West to Webb City, Mo., and was married there about the year 1900 to Miss Edna Yoder. Mr. Husted was the father of one daughter, Alice, to whom he gave the love and care of a thoughtful parent. He was a kind husband and father, sharing alike the joys and sorrows of life in a brave and conscientious way.

Mr. Husted died at the home of is nephew at this city, May 20, 1920, at the age of 50 years and 9 days. He leaves to mourn his loss two sisters, Mrs. Chas. Eutsler of Manville, and Mrs. Mary Lawson of Gage, Oklahoma; two half sisters and three half brothers all living in Ohio. He was a member of the A. F. and A.M. in which organization he won the high regards of his fellow men, who in appreciation of his membership disposed of the remains in the Manville cemetery, in accordance with the regulations of that society.

The Manville News sympathetically asks to be numbered among the friends of the deceased who will offer words of condolence to the relatives in their sorrow.

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